How Top Real Estate Agents Use Funnels and Automated Email to Get More Qualified Buyers and Sellers.

Get More Leads From Social Media Workshop

What We Are Doing

  • We are building YOUR marketing funnels to help you attract your ideal customer and get more real estate leads.
  • We are crafting the right marketing message for you to build strong relationships and GET MORE BUYERS AND SELLERS!
  • We are building a Sales and Nurture Email Machine that will send the right emails to your audience, automatically and on-time, all while being100% hands free!
  • We are doing all this from PROVEN FUNNELS AND CAMPAIGNS that have produced RESULTS


What is Required

  • A Computer and internet access
  • Time to watch the workshop videos, edit the copy to reflect your voice, and implement what you have created.
  • Pig-Headed Determination to get better results from your marketing and the willingness to keep focus and take action.
  • No techy skills needed, no coding or email campaign experience is required.

The Investment

This Workshop is being offered at $39!

Why?  We know that the real estate industry has been turned upside down recently, and that marketing and attracting leads and customers is hard.

We just want to help make it easier for you to DO MORE BUSINESS WITH LESS WORK! Plus, many of the attendees to our classes and workshops become clients and want us to help them market with better tools.

What You Get

  • The Complete Workshop delivered by on-demand video
  • 6 Pre-designed Funnel Page Templates [PDF] that are simple to launch to help you attract your target market and grow your business.
  • An additional 8 Real Estate Specific Bonus Funnels [PDF] to help you attract more buyers and sellers!
  • Our pre-built, pre-written automated Sales and Nurture Email Sequence Templates [PDF].
  • FREE 14 Day Trial to Smart Action Marketing Software that will allow you to simply edit the pre-designed, pre-written funnels right in the software.
  • BONUS OFFER: If you decide you want to continue to use the Smart Action Marketing Software, you will get a Special Discounted offer that is ONLY good for those who have gone through the Workshop!


  • The pre-designed funnel pages and pre-written email sequences as shown in the Workshop can only be used in the Smart Action Marketing Software, and requires a paid account.  A paid account includes the pre-designed web pages and connection to the automated email sequences as part of the service.
  • You are not required to purchase the software to use the Free Funnel Templates or the Sales and Nurture Email Sequence Templates (content only).  You can keep the PDF versions of these templates and use them elsewhere if you choose.
  • This workshop is intended to be educational, and not a business opportunity or a claim of potential earnings.

100% Money Back Guarantee