How to Easily Use IDX Properties in Your Blog

I get a lot of questions almost every week asking what you should blog about, and you know, that's kind of a personal question. Everybody is different in their writing styles or abilities, and what types of information they think their audience wants to see.  But what your website can do for anyone is help you become a Trusted Expert Authority in the locations that you specialize in.

 If you are properly posting information about your target  areas, you're going to generate a tremendous amount of business as a Trusted Expert Authority. It comes down to two main things: buyers want to beat other buyers to properties and sellers want to sell their home fast for top dollar.

So we're going to be talking about real estate blogging here and going through what works, and the exact basics of this system. There's a lot of different ways to do real estate blogging but here is the system that we've put together that works incredibly well for the most minimal amount of your time.