Watch a few stories about how we came to work with these incredible people, and what they have to say about it!

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I have been working with Jason and Internet Media Consultants for over 7 years. Jason’s IDX solutions have been an integral part of my marketing and client services. In realizing the true potential of the IDX system I decided to set myself up on the daily email updates for properties in my own subdivision. Months later a property came across my email that was a perfect rental property – I have had the same tenants in the home for 2 years with great positive cash flow.

Pat W.

Jason, You should know that I put someone in my IDX Property Search back on May 1st-6 months ago! They’ve not wanted to be “bothered”. I haven’t heard from them since. She emailed me a few minutes ago to see a home on Sunday!

Todd B

IMC has offered me and my company very good service at a very reasonable price. The team developed our website and have always been readily available to help me when I had questions. They are responsive, professional and have always been easy to work with. I highly recommend IMC for a turnkey solution that is an excellent value for small business!

Kim D

The web site looks great!! Thank you so much!!

Sue P

Once again, we have had the privilege of working with you and your amazing technological mind. You are more than techy, because you SEE the vision of the future, and above all, can explain it to those of us who struggle in the world of technology. Thank you so very much for taking on our WCR (Women’s Council of REALTORS) business. Means alot to us and you two are the greatest!

Kaeti B

THANK YOU! I used to type in my name and I would come up once on the google search. If you type in my name now it pulls up a complete page plus two on the next page. If you type in Denver Suburban Living Specialist I come up 1,2,3. If you add an s at the end I come up 1,2,4. If you type in Suburban Living Specialist I come up 2 & 4. I’m starting to see the light.

Sally R

I'm extremely pleased with their work and would recommend Internet Media Consultants with no hesitation and great enthusiasm.

Dick G

Jason and Nikki are incredible! I have had the privilege of working with them since I believe 2000! They stay ahead of the curve ball and bring new and innovative products to their clients.


Thank you so much for all you've always done to take care of your customers and to ensure we have the latest and greatest technology! Your customer service is exceptional and far exceeds any expectation!!!

Ami G

They say ‘an old dog cannot learn new tricks.’ However, I maintain that if the old dog is hungry enough, it will really learn the trick well. 

I call myself technology challenged. Actually, I am (was) somewhat limited because my skills were acquired several years ago. However, they are not nearly up to date enough to keep up with the gen X and gen Y folk. That is where Internet Media Consultants are helping this old dog not only do the tricks but make it fun and interesting to bring my skills up from where they were. Internet Media Consultants understand, listen to, and care about their clients.

With the help of Internet Media Consultants, I hope to bring my skills and my commissions up from where they have been the last couple of years. Their expertise and sincerity is comforting to a person of my age. I am proud to be one of their clients now and really feel good about facing the new wave of technology that is coming.

Michigan H