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IDX Search Forms

Map Search

Another search option available within the IDX software is the map search page. This page gives your users the ability to search using a dynamic map tool instead of traditional search forms.

You have total control over the center point and you can make the viewable map as big or as small as you want using the custom CSS options.

Users can even use the drag and select tool within the IDX map search interface to go directly to a specific area of interest. All search options are dynamic on this feature, so if users select a different price range or number of bedrooms, the map will automatically show active listings in that area that meet the specific criteria the user is looking for.

Combined with our custom links generator, you can create an unlimited number of map search pages all with different center points and default search criteria. Great for websites that have a lot of community or subdivision focused pages, now you can send those users to a specific area on the map and let them search using the visual search tools.

  • Visual search tool
  • Expandable size
  • Customize views
  • Drag and select zoom tools

Basic IDX Search

Basic or Quick Search on your home page can be done in two ways. You can add a Quick Search form to your home page, and/or add a menu link to your IDX Broker Basic Search page. Both methods, clean and simple. Easy to use.

This Basic Search form also features in-line links to Advanced, Map, Address, and Listing Search.

Designers have access to CSS tools that move form input boxes, hide links to other Search forms, add background graphics, change fonts and more.

Easily choose a Basic Search template and add the link to any website. There are many different layout options available. Then, if necessary, give your designer the tools they need to further customize design and layout.

  • Search basic MLS data.
  • Customize layout options using CSS and integrate with your existing HTML.

Advanced IDX Search – Find MLS/IDX Listings

The advanced search page gives you all the search options you could ever need, including the ability to display all of the searchable fields that are made available from your MLS.

Give your users a number of advanced search criteria to find their home of their dreams, and also control the layout, position and type of search field that actually displays on this page directly through the IDX Control Panel.

Using the latest in Web 2.0 admin tools, you can use the drag and drop feature to layout this page any way you want. The easy to use Advanced Search page management tool is all controlled within the IDX Control Panel.

You can also determine what type of search function you want to display with that specific data field. For example, let’s say your specific MLS provides a field for the number of garages. You can choose to have that field display as a list, keyword search, minimum or maximum value or even both. You can even change the name of the category label if you don’t prefer the MLS provided label.

  • Drag and drop admin setup.
  • Search by any available MLS field
  • Custom layout and ordering of advanced fields.
  • Target users with only a few MLS fields or provide them with the full scale search.

Address Search – Find MLS listings by Address

Another option that is available to your users is the address search. This is great for narrowing searches if a user is looking a specific listing, but may not know the listing number. This will also allow users to search for all listings on a specific street, great for condo searches or popular areas and street names.

Just like all the other types of searches you can create pre-defined search criteria and add it to an existing page on you website that may focus on a specific area or street. Also a great tool for finding all the available units for sale in a specific condo or multi-family unit type that may share the same primary street address.

  • Easily find a specific listing
  • Search for all listings on a specific street

MLS Listing Number Search – Find a Property by ID

Getting right to the nitty gritty and finding a specific listing is easy to do using the MLS listing number search. Not much more detail is needed for this feature, it provides a single search box that allows your users to find one or more specific MLS listings, directly on your website.

This is a great feature to plug into your home page or website navigation somewhere, giving your users easy access to this type of search anywhere within your website. Just copy the code, customize the look and feel of the form and your users can access this easy to use IDX search tool from any page on your website.

  • Search by specific MLS number
  • Add anywhere on your website
  • Quick and easy access to direct listings

Custom City List – Customize your IDX Search Forms

Customize your search forms with the custom city list feature. Simply choose your cities from the most current MLS data.

You may also select from our internal list of cities to pre-populate the form, even if the MLS currently doesn’t have any listings for that city.

Only IDX Broker can give you this level of customization – all from your control panel!

  • Customize search forms
  • Custom city lists

Add Widgets to Any Site

Featured IDX Listing Slideshow – Rotate Properties Automatically

Add a slideshow feature that rotates your Active listings without refreshing the page. This Widget rotates your properties in real-time, while the buyer is reading your web page.

Simply copy and paste a few lines of Widget code into your website, and all of your current Active listings will rotate in front of buyers.

You can even customize the size of the container, size of the images, font family, font weight, font decoration, background color, border style, font size, font style, font color, border width and even border width. You can even control the fade feature in order to speed it up or slow it down!

  • Customize for greater impact.
  • Easy to add – One line of code.

Custom IDX Search Showcase

The Custom IDX Quick Search feature offers a plethora of custom search options available for a truly integrated IDX solution. This is largely due to the way in which we deliver listings on results pages.

We have recently introduced a new widget that allows you to create your own custom quick search widget. You can either use the generated code and plug directly into your existing website, or you can export the generated HTML for even better integration. Using the unique Web 2.0 drag and drop interface, you can completely customize what quick search fields you want to display in your quick search widget. Even rename the column labels, set the font, font size and weight. Create multiple widgets for different types of searches, then simply copy and paste the widget into your existing website.

If the widget builder doesn’t give you enough customization, just like all our widgets, you can export the generated HTML code, add it to your own code and customize it completely using your own code and CSS.

The possibilities on complete integration are endless!

  • Target neighborhood buyers.
  • Easy to add – One line of code.
  • Display your listings in a simple layout for visitors.
  • Gain control of your results pages by specific selection of properties.

Custom IDX Search Slideshow: Rotate a Widget on Your Site

Ever wish you could create a dynamic landing page for specific areas, subdivisions or developments, how about foreclosures and short sales? How do you add active listing content to that age without a bunch of complex programming? Now it’s easy using the dynamic Custom Listing Slideshow widget available in the IDX Control Panel.

Using the easy to use Custom Listing Slideshow feature, you can perform a search in the system then copy and paste the system generated widget. This allows you to add that into any existing page on your website for a robust slideshow display that highlights listings that meet a specific search criteria.

Of course, just like all our other widgets, there is no additional fee for this feature and you have the ability to create an unlimited number of these for use in your account. Have a ton of traffic on some of your area specific landing pages, not to worry, we never charge overage fees on any of our services, including our widgets!

  • Engage niche buyers.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Add movement and interest on your website.

Custom IDX Quick Search

The Custom IDX Quick Search feature offers a plethora of custom search options available for a truly integrated IDX solution. This is largely due to the way in which we deliver listings on results pages.

We have recently introduced a new widget that allows you to create your own custom quick search widget. You can either use the generated code and plug directly into your existing website, or you can export the generated HTML for even better integration. Using the unique Web 2.0 drag and drop interface, you can completely customize what quick search fields you want to display in your quick search widget. Even rename the column labels, set the font, font size and weight. Create multiple widgets for different types of searches, then simply copy and paste the widget into your existing website.

If the widget builder doesn’t give you enough customization, just like all our widgets, you can export the generated HTML code, add it to your own code and customize it completely using your own code and CSS.

The possibilities on complete integration are endless!

  • Integrate seamlessly into your header.
  • Test quick search fields without changing page code.

Wild Card IDX Search

Give visitors to your site a way to find certain properties quickly by simply entering a series of keywords based on what they are looking for. They can enter as many keywords as they like or as little, keep it convenient, and keep your visitors returning to your site.

Easily copy and past the widget code for the wild card search, and instantly you have a search box similar to what visitors will find and accustomed to on

Seems simple enough, right? That’s the idea!

  • Let buyers customize results.
  • Give visitors a simple one entry search form to enter keywords.

Agent Showcase Widget *Broker Accounts Only

The Agent Showcase widget gives your office an easy way to showcase your agents randomly on any page.

Simply copy and paste the java script widget onto your page to give current and future agents more of a reason to choose your brokerage.

If you are a designer, or outsource web development to a designer, configure the various CSS classes to change fonts, image style, or even the image URL itself.

  • Fair Rotation of Agents
  • Promote your Agent Bios

Lead Login Widget

Give your contacts easy access to their saved searches and properties with the Lead Login Widget.

Simply add this Widget to your sidebar or anywhere in your navigation to provide your visitors with an easy way to make changes to their listing manager account!

  • Easy login from any page.
  • Keep visitors returning to your website.

Search Engine Friendly Features

Landing Page Management

Rename the url for any of your custom result landing pages, add a custom subheader (neighborhood, schools, etc), and more.

Create custom urls that are search engine friendly. Each landing page can have any name, each url can have any custom description or keywords.

Combine an active landing page strategy with analytics and goals to track the success rate for each of your IDX results pages.

Only IDX Broker gives you this much control!

  • Add custom content to each landing page.
  • Create and save an unlimited number of results landing pages.
  • Manage all of your landing pages in one place.
  • Add Custom meta description and keywords to each page.

Dynamic Title Tags on Property Detail Pages

According to, title tags are the most important on-page ranking factor used by search engines. 

With IDX Broker, ensure that every property detail page includes custom keywords written by you. Mix and match keywords with listing#, description, price, state, address, display name, city, or subdivision. The options are endless!

  • Unique property detail pages are more search friendly.
  • Use dynamic keywords in your page titles

Domain Control

Now YOU can take credit for all IDX listing pages that IDX Broker hosts on your behalf.

Simply register your domain as or if you already use that to host your primary domain, host Simply point the www or non-www version of your domain to our IDX Broker IP address, and all IDX property listing pages give your domain the SEO credit!

Only IDX Broker provides this level of customization. Take your IDX pages to the next level – truly integrate them!

  • Point your subdomain to claim SEO credit.
  • Personalize your IDX pages and help to rank them higher.

Custom Subheaders

With custom subheaders you can add special content to any results page, custom link results, detail page, search page, and more.

Personalize your IDX pages further by adding your company logo, agent photo, or contact information.

  • Add indexable content to custom results pages.
  • Add custom links at the top of all IDX search pages.

Search Friendly City Links

IDX Broker pulls every City from the MLS and provides that City list as a long list of links.

This list is available to search engine crawlers as well as to visitors to your site. Simply find an area that you represent, and feature those City links on your home page. You can also link directly to the full city list and invite search engines to crawl your domain and IDX subdomain.

  • Provide crawlable content.
  • Give visitors an alternative way to search cities.

Dynamic Meta Description Tags

Automatically add static and dynamic text into your meta description tags. Combine with static keywords such as your company name.

Create unique meta tags that encourage searchers to click on your listing description first!

Also add a unique description to your Custom Links pages.

  • Reduce duplicate content and pages.
  • Customize with a dynamic meta description for every property.

Dynamic Meta Keyword Tags

With the new meta keywords tag option you can add static and dynamic keywords to every property listing detail page.

Now embed specific keywords into every property detail page!

Also add unique keywords to your Custom Links pages.

  • Ease of use – Set your dynamic keywords and forget.
  • Give Search Engines more information about each property.

Offer an IDX Sitemap

Add the site map link to your home page to encourage indexing of your IDX pages.

This automated site map gives search engines access to all of the IDX listings through your site, broken down by city, price, and various other criteria.

  • Add site map.
  • Add to your indexed pages.


Add Forms and Widgets to Your Blog

IDX forms and widgets can be added to any website. Property results and details pages must be hosted using the design of a website approved by your MLS(s), however, forms and widgets do not fall under the same guidelines.

Add search forms and widgets to as many domains as you like – provided you follow the MLS display rules that govern broker reciprocity.

  • Add IDX search to more than one site.
  • Target a niche market on different landing pages.

IDX WordPress Plugin

New – Turn your WordPress blog into a powerful lead capture solution, using one flat-rate product!

Display IDX search forms, widgets, and links on your blog AND on your primary website. All you need to do is choose one design for all of your IDX results and details pages – either your primary website (if applicable), or your WordPress blog. Then use the IDX Broker WordPress plugin to add IDX lead capture and indexable idx page links to your WordPress blog or site.

Simply install the IDX Broker WordPress Plugin, add your client identification and password, and start adding Widgets and links to your blog. Tour the WordPress Demo blog now.

There’s even a powerful new IDX feature for advanced developers – Automatic Page Wrappers! When you make design or layout changes to your blog, you can synchronize your page wrappers with one click of the button.

Please Note: The IDX Broker WordPress Plug-In functions with the installed version of WordPress, provided by

  • Add IDX to your WordPress blog or site.
  • Develop themes that can easily include IDX feeds.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile IDX MLS for the iPad and iPhone

While every IDX Broker page is fully compatible with mobile browser technology (including Safari), we have gone one step further and built a unique app that you may use to differentiate yourself with your clients!

Promote it using the free Widgets or QR code image available in your IDX Broker Control Panel.

When a client downloads the App, installs it onto their iPad or iPhone, and enters your Agent Code, your contact information displays in the header above every screen! This includes your phone number AND email address.

The myAgent iPad & iPhone App includes the following features:


  1. -GPS-based, location-aware search – The App will find the client’s current location, and display up to 25 active listings closest to them.
  2. -Featured listings – All of your featured listings will appear in a unique color, helping them stand out from the rest.
  3. 3.      -Direct dial & email – Tap the phone number to dial the Agent or Office, or tap the email address to automatically send an email to the Agent or Office listed in the header (mobile internet and phone service required).
  • Promote your own iPad/iPhone application to potential clients
  • Real-time
  • GPS location-based search helps your clients focus only on the active listings near them.

System-wide Maps

Results Pages: Map Search

Add an easy-to-use map search to all of your search results pages. Visitors will be able to drag and move the map to any area, or use the zoom functionality to view each property and neighborhood.

From the pop-up property display, visitors can view property details, save the property (create an account with you), or view the gallery of photos for the selected property.

Advanced designers can use CSS to modify the height and width of the map.

  • Give visitors a way to search maps from the search results page.

Map Location Button

The Map Location Button sends visitors to a page where they can view the streets and terrain. On listings results pages it may indicate a mapped property before a user clicks into view more details, adding more convenience for your visitors as they browse your site and listing results for properties.

Street view is even available where Google offers that.

  • Give visitors a way to view the map for any property on your IDX site.

Walk Score Maps

The Walk Score™ map is a nice addition and can be added to most IDX Broker details pages!

A simple toggle in your Preferences page gives you access to the Walk Score™ map. It’s that easy!

Walk Score™ also lists nearby Schools, Parks, Restaurants, Shopping, and more. Walk Score automatically calculate the distance between a point of interest and the property listing.

Review the screen shots below for more information about Walk Score™.

  • Easily add a neighborhood widget to your Property Details pages.
  • Conveniently display points of interest.

Capture and Retain Leads

IDX Contact Page

This stand alone page is yours to use as your primary contact page within your website if you want to tie it in your general contact requests with your IDX generated requests. This is a great way to keep all your contacts in one spot then manage them within the IDX Control Panel. Choose your layout design from the preconfigured templates, or customize the look and feel of your IDX contact page using your custom CSS settings.

Contacts received through this and all other contact forms throughout the IDX provided pages will automatically be added to your leads database along with sending you the updated information via email. If you have a multi-use account leads will be sent to the person identified on within your custom contact routing rules.

  • Multi-user account can auto-route leads.
  • Determine buyer profiles via their traffic history.

IDX Property Info Request

Every single property detail page within the IDX system includes a request more information feature. This feature will prompt the user to provide you some basic contact information and allows them to contact you directly should they have additional information about a specific listing that is displayed on your website.

Whether it’s your listing or not, this feature will send you the contact information and inquiry from the interested party for you to follow up; via email. These leads will also be stored in your leads database for future follow up, archival purposes and export if needed. You can even add notes and track stats on pages viewed once users send you their info, and on multi-user accounts, you can assign that lead to a specific agent automatically or manually, whichever you prefer.

  • Obtain a phone number (optional field) in order to call a buyer.
  • Obtain an email to provide newsletter or other updates.

Schedule a Showing

What is a property detail page online if you can’t also request a showing right there from the detail page listing? Included on every IDX detail page is a feature that allows your web visitors to request a time when they can meet and view the property with you. This form asks them for their contact information and suggested meeting time

This is just another lead action option that you can include on your detail pages in order to encourage users to contact you directly on any of the MLS listings displayed on your website.

  • Prompt the site visitor to take action.

Property Manager Signup

With all these great search and lead capture tools on your website and the management tools available in the IDX Control Panel, we didn’t want to limit all these great management tools to just you. Through the Property Manager signup page, your web visitors can register for their own account and login to your website in order to manage properties they find while searching MLS listings on your website.

After signing up for an account, you as the administrator are able to view all activity on that specific lead, including what properties they have saved, searches they have saved, what pages they have viewed, when and how long they viewed specific pages and other detailed stats such as email click-throughs and listing access patterns.

  • Retention – buyers will come back to your site.
  • Profile – buyer activity on your site will help you find the right listing for them

Lead Login Page

Now that you have the capability to capture and manage leads online, you better have a place for them to go and login once they come back. Of course, we make this easy by setting a user cookie on their computer, so they are not required to do this when they come back to your website.

However, everyone cleans their cookies out every once and a while and when they return to your website, you want to provide and easy to access login page for them to get in to their saved properties and searches. This gives your users their own home on your website where they can access all their saved listing data and searches.

  • Easy login for returning buyers.
  • Cookie lets buyers come back to the same page without logging in each time.

Custom Email Updates

Your leads and buyers have the ability to create and save an unlimited number of stored searches. Stored searches give the buyer a way to access ONLY the MLS listings that interest them. Each listing is relevant and timely.

The information that you provide buyers through this tool is never repetitive; only new listing data is sent out as soon as the listing hits the market and the MLS feed.

This keeps your message fresh and interesting. Most importantly, your leads are likely to thank you for the emails, and think of you when they buy or sell.

  • Retention – buyers will come back to your site.
  • Buyers are more likely to contact you if they discovered the listing via your email update.

Email Updates Signup

Your leads and buyers have the ability to create and save an unlimited number of stored searches. Stored searches give the buyer a way to access ONLY the MLS listings that interest them. Each listing is relevant and timely.

The information that you provide buyers through this tool is never repetitive; only new listing data is sent out as soon as the listing hits the market and the MLS feed.

This keeps your message fresh and interesting. Most importantly, your leads are likely to thank you for the emails, and think of you when they buy or sell.

  • Stay connected with buyers.
  • Impress buyers by building a profile of possible listings based on their activity on your site.

Saved Searches Management

Every lead that creates an account through your IDX generated pages has the ability to save an unlimited number of individual listings and searches. They can access this any time by logging in to their account on your website.

This great and easy to use tool gives the power or listing management to your leads, saving you time and giving them more control over the information they want to see.

More and more users these days want these types of independent management tools when searching online so they can save listings and searches on their own without requiring an agent or broker contacting them directly first. By offering this type of value-added feature on your website you are giving yourself a competitive advance in your local market.

  • Retention – buyers will come back to your site.
  • Buyers that save listings provide you will valuable buyer profile information

Custom Lead Sign-up Form

Now you can customize your lead sign-up form in order to collect the information you need, or want.

Make each new field required, or optional. Add a Comments text area, or Where Did You Hear About Us? field.

Advanced designers can easily use CSS to hide standard form elements & replace with the new, custom fields.

  • Replace some of the standard fields with your own.
  • Add an unlimited number of custom fields to your lead sign-up form.

Review Saved Properties

Login as your lead – from within your Lead Management screen in IDX Broker. Save properties as the client would, or view the list of saved properties and add properties using their MLS#. 

Lead Management is a lot easier when you have the control you need to deliver results for your buyers and sellers!

  • Review saved properties quickly.
  • Add additional saved properties on behalf of a lead.

Top Producer Integration

You can send all new IDX Broker leads to Top Producer – Automatically!

IDX Broker integrates with Top Producer. Send new leads to Top Producer, complete with “source” information so you can automate your Top Producer DRIP campaigns for IDX Broker contacts.

We can also import Top Producer leads into IDX Broker so that you can create an Email Listing Update for them. This will NOT create a duplicate lead in Top Producer.

Fully integrate your IDX and DRIP campaigns today with IDX Broker and Top Producer!

  • Automate Lead Management
  • Push Leads Automatically

Export Leads for Use in CRM Software

Export all of your leads into a CSV file to be imported into Excel or 3rd party CRM applications.

Now you can export saved searches, notes, and almost any other settings established for your IDX lead!

  • Keep your favorite CRM in place.
  • Easily works with your 3rd party CRM applications.

Prevent Spam

Are you getting a lot of spam leads? Do you need to reduce the amount of spam you receive in order to focus on real buyers?

IDX Broker automatically filters out spammers – simply turn the captcha feature on to prevent spam from becoming a problem. When users register they will be prompted to enter 6 random letters before clicking Submit.

  • Keep spam from your inbox
  • Industry standard technology

Force or Request Registration

Fine tune your lead capture ability with powerful lead registration settings. With IDX Broker lead registration, you can:

  1. 1.       Request lead registration on any search form, results page, details page, or photo gallery page.
  2. 2.       Force lead registration for all of the above.
  3. 3.       Force or request lead signup on the 1st, 4th, or 25th details page viewed.
  4. 4.       Redirect to a 3rd party registration service.
  5. 5.       Bypass registration for featured listings
  6. 6.       Bypass email verification for new listing manager accounts

IDX Broker gives you a tremendous amount of control over lead capture setting, all starting at only $39.99/month for Agent accounts!

  • Finetune lead capture settings
  • Capture more leads

Featured Listings Management

Featured Listing Showcase

Rotate your active listings on any page of your website. Add a property to your MLS, and it will appear automatically through your Featured Listing Showcase Widget.

It’s easy to implement too. Just add a few simple lines of JavaScript code.

If you have a designer on staff to customize the CSS, you can easily do that using the custom CSS classes and IDs. Add a background image, change the photo sizes, and more!

The featured listing showcase can also be custom configured using the easy to use column and row selector option. Create a long row of listings for use in your navigation, or create a highlighted featured hot sheet online showing your listings in a grid type format. With the IDX featured listing showcase tool, the choice is yours!

  • Focus on specific listings.
  • Easy to add – One line of code

Home Valuation Request

This value added feature is provided with every IDX account and is simply a form page that you can add to your existing website that allow you to collect some information about a potential seller.

Although not tied into any specific MLS listing data, sellers often view many websites before deciding what agent/broker to use.

By adding this page to your website, not only gives you additional contact methods on your website, but gives potential sellers a tempting action item while perusing your other website features!

  • Buyers are often sellers – engage them.
  • Collect information – know your sellers

Syndicate Your Listings

Have an account with Zillow? Trulia? Check the box in the syndication tab and at approximately 9:30 PST each day, IDX Broker will produce your feed in a format that’s compatible with each listing syndicator. Simply sign up for an account with each syndicator, submit your IDX Broker URL feed to the syndication partner, and in a few days search the syndicator for your listing.

This feature includes the ability to add Supplemental listings as an additional data feed for each syndication partner.

  • Syndicate your listings in one place
  • Syndicate without having to export/import files.

Supplemental Properties

Do you want to offer rentals on your website? What about REO, Foreclosure, and other listings that might not be listed in the local MLS?

These listings are easy to add with the Supplemental Property listings feature. Select from several different property types, fill in the property detail page, and upload pictures to complete each listing page.

  • Add unique properties to your MLS search.
  • Add rentals to your website.

Open House Management

Send people to an Open Houses page that has the look and feel of your website – you can even add a subheader title and map search to the top of the Open Houses page!

Simply flag your active listing as an Open House, and promote Open Houses to your potential buyers. Enter the days, dates, hours to ensure that buyers know where to go, and when. Every Open House property detail page comes complete with a printable flyer. Give you buyers something to carry with them.

Promote Open Houses on your home page with this simple url link!

  • Add Open Houses to your Home Page.
  • Share all your added open houses with one convenient link

Sold and Pending Listings

If IDX Broker detects that one of your listings is no longer available in the feed, that listing will move from your featured listing page to the sold and pending listings page.

Simply go in and modify each listing as either sold, or pending. IDX Broker will display the property accordingly.

Promote your value to sellers today!

  • Promote your home sales activity.
  • Display these listings on a separate page for visitors to easily find.

Automatically Feature Listings for an Agent

With the featured listing page available on your new IDX account, you have the ability to showcase all of your own listings automatically without ever having to enter them manually.

With a single Agent account, IDX will automatically pull in all your listings, based on a single Agent ID available through your MLS.

Of course all your listings will always be included inside the global MLS search tools available as well, this feature gives you a place on your website to individually promote just your listings.

Your sellers will be thrilled and you will love the additional branding, management and syndication tools available for all your listings displayed on this featured page.

  • Display Your Featured Listings Automatically.
  • All your active listings displayed together one page – one convenient link

Automatically Feature Listings for Two Agents *Broker Accounts Only

You have a dynamic team of two and we have a featured listing option for you that doesn’t break the bank. With the team featured listing display account level you can highlight all the active MLS listings from your team; automatically.

IDX will pull in all these team listings based on two unique Agent ID’s as provided by your MLS and display these on a special page you add to your website.

With the team level account you can promote combined listings together on the featured page together as one. Of course you still get all the great benefits of the featured listings management tools, special branding options, listing syndication and other core featured display options, PLUS you can even add an individual bio page for each team member. Now you never have to worry about updating your website with your team’s active listings again, it’s automatic.

At a flat rate of only $49 per month, it’s a great value for those top producing real estate teams out there!

  • Featured listing information automatically updated.
  • Display active listings for both agents on your team!

Automatically Feature Office Listings *Limited to Purchased Amount

Promote and highlight all of your office listings, up to the number of users purchased, all on one page! With the featured listing page available on an office level IDX account, you have the ability to showcase all of the listings in your office regardless of how many agents and/or locations you have.

The office featured display page will automatically pull all listings from all the agents within your account and display them on your office featured listings page provided by IDX.

Of course you get all the standard features of the core featured listings management, syndication tools and additional branding capabilities but now you can display and manage all your listings in one place.

Be sure to sign up for the correct office level account to ensure that all your office listings for all your agents display. You pay only for the number of Agents in your office.

  • An Agent with an Office account can feature Office listings.
  • Display all the Office Listings (up to the account user level) on one convenient page.

Add a Unique Custom Link to Every Featured Listing

Add your own PDF or MS Word flyer to active listings and feature the link prominently on your featured listing detail page. Adds a unique touch to your listings to interest and draw your website visitor in.

Visitors to your site can choose from the Printable listing template provided by IDX Broker, or from your embedded link to a PDF or other type of hotsheet.

  • Add an embedded link to your own property hotsheet.
  • Highlight a brochure or flyer for your listing

Choose Which Active Listings to Display

Choose to disable featured listings that aren’t relevant to your website’s audience. For instance, if you list 1-2 condos but focus primarily on the single family residential buyer market, keep your featured property page less confusing by excluding the condos from your featured listing page.

You can always feature those excluded property listings separately, by listing ID#, or by filtering custom link results.

  • Target your Audience.
  • Focus on your primary listings

Add Virtual Tours

Easily add a link to your custom virtual tour. Each link appears on the property detail page. If a visitor clicks on the link, your tour immediately opens into a window pre-sized by you.

Promote your listings with your own custom Virtual Tours!

  • Embed virtual tour links into your active listing detail pages.
  • Give your listings a realistic feel to prospective buyers.

Build Your Niche

Predefined Property Prices

Specify predefined property result landing pages by price. Give visitors to your site an easy way to find the home that matches their financial situation.

Take advantage of ease of use with adding custom links, create an unlimited number based on price.


  • Help buyers quickly find properties that they can afford.
  • Search engine friendly links.

Predefined Subdivision

Provide one-click access to your most popular areas, search criteria and/or property types that you service.

For example, if you are an expert in luxury condominiums in Miami Beach, you can easily create custom links that drive users all the active listings for a specific condo complex that are over $1m.

With custom links, the only limitation is your imagination and the data available from your specific MLS.

  • Pre-defined search listings are search engine friendly
  • Build landing pages for your online marketing campaigns.

Keyword Results

What if your MLS doesn’t offer specific foreclosure, bank-owned, REO, or short sale fields?

Easy – Leverage IDX Broker’s keyword results tool.

With this tool you can easily create an unlimited number of Foreclosure, Bank Owned-REO, and other results pages. Each page pulls only those properties that match your MLS [Remarks] field keywords.

Note: Keyword results are limited to keyword availability via IDX/MLS. Please contact IDX, Inc or your local MLS for more information regarding availability.

  • Build custom listings that can help generate search traffic.
  • Attract foreclosure buyers to your website

Predefined Map Search

Also available through the custom links feature within the IDX Control Panel, you now have the ability to create pre-defined geographical locations for users to go to in order to find the property they are looking for. 

This is a great tool to include on your custom neighborhood or city landing pages. This allows you to give your users the choice to search by map or go directly to a results page for the area you have pre-defined. It’s also a fun way for your visitors to search using a visual mapping tool, instead of a standard search page.

  • Create easy to find neighborhood Map Search pages.
  • Advanced: Add neighborhood statistics to your listings via CSS and customization.

Predefined Address Links

Do you have a specific address that always has a lot of listings, such as popular condominiums or developments that share a primary address? Many times the MLS data is not as specific as you would like, in this case it might be better to create a predefined custom results page based on address, instead of condo or development name.

This will create a search engine friendly link for you to use on your website so users can go directly to the active listings for a specific address in one-click!

  • Attract condo buyers to your site.
  • Attract urban buyers.

Predefined IDX or MLS Search Results

Similar to the predefined address search tool, the MLS listing number search allows you to generate a custom results page for up to 25 individual MLS listings identified by their specific MLS number.

This is a handy tool for giving your users one-click direct access to specific listings that you have individually identified for a specific reason and use. This feature is also available on an unlimited basis, so you are not limited by the number of pre-defined links you can create using this feature.

  • Display listings that match a targeted customer profile.
  • Build trust with lists of sold or pending sale listings

Social Media Sharing Tools

The IDX social media tools sharing feature gives you and your website visitors a fast and easy way to share property detail pages with social media connections on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, and even through mobile text. 

Create an account and track statistics to enhance your social media skills and targeting. For example, use the ShareThis social media statistics to determine which properties are getting the most attention, and then find ways to attract people to those unique listings.

Make the most of social media – give visitors the tools they need to share properties with friends and family!

  • Give your visitors a way to share listings.
  • Share listings with your online connections.
  • Promote your active listings to a wider audience.
  • Help drive interest and traffic to your site by the power of social media.

Custom Labels

Now you can customize the property type labels that appear on your IDX search forms. Change ‘Single Family Residential (SFR)’ to ‘Homes and Condos’ or modify other fields to help your visitors find the properties they want.

  • Change SFR to Homes and Condos
  • Modify your Property Type Labels

Custom Links Results Landing Pages

Build an unlimited number of custom landing pages using basic, advanced, map, address, or listing search.

Customize your home page or any other page with icons, images, and links. Connect your visitors with the most relevant properties for them.

  • Add custom links to your website.
  • Build an unlimited number of custom link result pages.

Search Multiple IDX MLS Feeds at Once

Add multiple MLS feeds to your account, and search all of them at once using the Basic, Map, Address, and Listing Search pages. Help draw more visitors to your site by offering more listings from a greater area.

IDX Broker will map all the core MLS fields for you automatically – all you need to do is call and add additional MLS’s to your account.

Whether you’re running an office, or are an agent covering multiple territories – IDX Broker makes your IDX search pages easier to create, and promote!

  • Search multiple MLS regions at once.
  • Expand your target area

Advanced Analytics

Lead Traffic Stats

You have two options when tracking and analyzing lead activity on your site. You can review your IDX Broker Web Traffic screen, or you can implement 3rd party tracking such as Google Analytics.

Each and every registered (password not required) visitor to your site will leave a history of properties viewed, saved, and searches performed. Use this information to understand your registered visitors, and to suggest specific properties that they might have overlooked.

Or, add Google Analytics or other 3rd party analytics code and customize to build segments based on url viewed, or path taken. View segment entry and exit points to understand what motivates your visitors.

See how often a registered visitor comes back to your IDX pages. See their activity with your IDX pages, and listings.

  • Understand more about your site visitors.
  • Identify the most popular properties.

Track Conversions

Now you can quickly add Google, or any other conversion tracking code to your signup response page.

Simply copy and paste the code into the built-in conversion tracking form and start tracking how leads reach your custom IDX subdomain, and the paths they use to get there.

  • Quickly add conversion tracking
  • Use 3rd party software to track and optimize

Track Your Search Engine Referrals

There are two ways to track search engine referrals: 

1. Add Google Analytics or other code to your global footer and start tracking each and every IDX page load.
2. Import your IDX Broker analytics file into your favorite spreadsheet software.

IDX Broker provides the savvy Agent and Broker with information about which pages are getting indexed, and which keywords are sending traffic to those pages.

  • Track your Indexed IDX pages
  • Add Analytics code to every page.

Advanced Customization

Back Office Map Controls

Use the back-office controls to easily fine tune the maps that appear on all IDX pages.

  1. 1.       Quickly add maps to your results, featured, sold/pending, and supplemental pages.
  2. 2.       Display ALL available properties on the map, or only the properties that show up on the first results page.
  3. 3.       Set your map to default to hybrid, satellite, or street view.
  4. 4.       Set the map center location using an address, or coordinates.
  5. 5.       Set the Property Type, Bedroom, and Bathroom default settings.
  6. 6.       Set the maximum number of properties to the recommended 25, or increase all the way to 100.
  7. 7.       Use the IDX Broker control palette, or default to Google’s palette.
  8. 8.       Set unique default Map Zoom Levels for the Results Page and Search Page maps.
  9. Select from four different detail page map providers.

10. Quickly set your detail page map height and width.

  • Finetune your primary map search page.
  • Finetune your results page maps.
  • Finetune your detail page maps.

Built-in Mortgage Calculator

Easily add the mortgage calculator page to your site – simply add the link! Each property detail page includes a mortgage calculator page by default.

Do you want to change the default settings for your mortgage calculator? That’s easy to do – simply log in and change the settings.

  • Easily add a custom mortgage calculator to your site.
  • Keep visitors on your website by providing this convenient tool.

Select your Primary IDX Feed

Do you want to select your primary IDX feed for the Advanced Search page? Easy. Simply select the MLS in the Customize > Advanced Search tab and set as default.

Make it easier on your users, set your default MLS for your core visitors, while still giving the option to other visitors to search further. Give site visitors what they came for, plus more search fields from other areas!

The more listings, the more potential for driving search engine traffic to your website, which is an huge added benefit to the success of your website.

  • Set default MLS Search on Advanced Search form.
  • Give your users what they came for plus more.

Filtered Search

Add a filtered search form to every results page. Or choose specific pages for the filtered (refinement) search. Add to your featured listings page, sold/pending, or supplemental property listings.

Add filtered search for all results returned, only results that exceed the maximum allowed on the page, or remove the filter altogether.

With IDX Broker you have maximum control over your property search results pages!

  • Add filtered search to your website
  • Maximum control over IDX results pages

Choose from Predefined Templates

Designers, choose from a variety of IDX templates. Simply select a template based on the width of your client’s page.

Come back later to update the Custom CSS tab to further customize your IDX pages with IDX Broker.

  • Choose from a variety of templates

Many Design Templates

With IDX Broker you or your designer can choose from many unique page themes. Each page template section is listed by page type – search forms, results page, map search, details page, and more.

Each theme/template includes the ability to fully customize the layout via advanced CSS.

  • Choose templates
  • Customize layout of each page

Advanced IDX Customization with CSS

The advanced IDX customization options by use of CSS allows you to truly take your IDX pages to the next level.

Do you already have that look and feel on your website? Want to make your IDX pages unique? You can make this happen by taking advantage of the Custom CSS option that is available.

Change up the colors, fonts, borders, make the pages integrated and give your own branding.

  • High level of integration with CSS.
  • Style your tools to match your existing online presence.

Manage an Office

Round-Robin Lead Routing

Round-robin and price-based lead routing are two new features available in multi-user (office) accounts.

Route leads to your top performers, by region, or route leads to your Agents at random.

Round-robin and core fields (price, city, county, etc.) lead routing exclude all ‘Featured’ listings. This ensures that the listing Agent always receives the lead.

Manage your lead routing effectively with IDX Broker!

  • Route leads at random.
  • Always know who received the last lead.
  • Route to your top performers first.

Carbon Copy Email Addresses

Now you can add an email to your lead routing functionality. Whether you choose lead routing by core fields, or lead routing by round robin (random routing), you can ensure that the office Director or Manager receives a notice that a new lead has signed up.

  • CC an additional email address when a new lead arrives.
  • Price Based Lead Routing

Price Based Lead Routing 

Easily route leads by price – multiple routes for each Agent!

Assign price ranges and routes to each territory type: MLS, City, Zip, State, and County.

If a visitor fills out a property info page, they are routed to an Agent, and the Agent receives an email containing the critical lead details. Know that your Agents have the information they need to build the business.

  • Route leads to Top Performers.

Branded Agent Login

Every Office account, and even Agent accounts come with a special co-branded login page.

Agents can login from here and edit their Bios (if you authorize that), manage Active listings, Open Houses, Sold/Pending, and more. Agents can also login here to pull their mobile widget to promote your iPhone office code.

  • Co-branded Login page for Agents
  • Give Your Agents a Single Branded Login Page to Manage Bio and Listings

Manually Assign Agents to Leads in Lead Management

Manually assign an agent to any lead. This lead assignment takes priority over other forms of lead assignment such as auto-assign on for visitors that land on the bio page, lead routing, and client self-selection during signup.

Control how leads are distributed by manually controlling agent assignment when the lead submits a form.

  • Co-branded Login page for Agents

Show Agent List

Give your site visitors a way to select a specific Agent of their choice with the Agent list drop down menu. They can send a message directly to the agent!

Add your list of Agents to the Contact and Signup forms with a simple yes/no button.

Lead routing will handle the Agent contact so your Agents know that they need to follow up with the request ASAP!

  • Give visitors a way to choose their Agent
  • Automate new lead contact email

Assign Agents to an Office

You can easily add agents to an Office with IDX Broker. Simply create the Office page, and then when you add a new Agent select the Offices where that Agent resides.

Now your Agent will automatically appear on the Roster for the Office and/or Location you have listed them under!

  • Assign Agents to an Office.
  • Set up office locations and add agents.

Custom Office Pages

Add Office pages that appear on your automatically generated Roster page. Each Office provides links to Agents’ Bio pages, or to each Agent’s website.

Change the sort order of each Office page, add a custom subheader, a custom description, and more.

  • Display all Agents in an Office
  • Easily promote each Office location

Attract Agents

Agent Roster Page

Available on all multi-user accounts, the agent roster page is a dynamic page that displays all of the agents, brokers and managers listed within your IDX account. Do you have multiple offices? No problem, there is no extra fee for adding additional offices, multi-user pricing is based only on the number of active users (agents with listings), not the number of offices. Of course, this page is completely customizable using the custom CSS tools available, you can showcase your agents all on one page or break them down by office location.

Whether your team is large or small, the agent roster page is a great way to feature your individual agent listings and contact information, giving your agents great value-added features directly on the company website. Each agent also has the ability to login to their own account where they can manage their own bio information, system generated leads, email notifications, contact information and individual account preferences. As the administrator on this account, you have the ability to assign leads, view activity and manage access credentials on an individual or global basis.

Some of the built in advantages of using the agent roster is the display of the agent information on all agent listings. When users view a detail page from an agent in your office, that agent’s contact information, head shot and other related information with automatically display inline on that detail page. In addition to the custom display on the detail page, any leads generated from those listings will be automatically routed to that agent, unless you have other contract routing rules set.

  • Easy to manage list of all agents
  • Add unlimited office locations

Agent Bio Pages

Tied to the agent roster page on your multi-user account, the agent bio page gives your agents their own personal place to call home on your team, office or corporate website. Special default contact routing preferences also give your agents the ability to use their bio page as their own website and all leads generated as a result of sending traffic directly to their bio page will result in all leads being directed to their account. Of course, you can always override this default preference if you want to and have all leads sent to you; it’s completely up to you! 

Not only do agents get their own login, management over their own leads and custom email updates, but if they also add an HTML header in their account, that header will display on all pages users visit if they start directly on that agent’s bio page. This gives agents the ability to redirect a custom domain name directly to their bio page without the fear of losing a lead or their branding by sending web users directly to their IDX driven bio page. A great retention and recruiting tool for those offices that cater to agents that are web savvy and looking for an office with all the bells and whistles.

  • Display all individual agent listings
  • Detail pages include bio information
  • Automatic contact routing to agents

Email Update Management

Provide your Agents with a way to customize, review, and test their email updates. Use this as a recruiting tool in order to attract more Agents.

Or, prevent some or all agents from modifying their email updates header. Instead, you may embed your corporate header into every email update. Simply add your corporate header to the email updates screen.

  • Brand your email updates to help your clients remember to contact you when they are ready to buy/sell.

Agent Lead Assignment and Subheader

Your Agents can trigger a cookie that displays their Bio Sub Header on every page of your Office IDX website! Not only does the browser cookie ensure that the Agent’s Sub Header appears – it also assigns the lead to the Agent who referred them!

Agents simply send their clients to their Bio page, or append a link to almost any page of your IDX website! This amazing feature extends your IDX search forms to the Agents in your Brokerage, and encourages Agents to send leads to your IDX search pages.

  • Give Your Agents a Way to Send Leads to Your System – And Assign to the Agent
  • Offer Agents a Co-branded Sub Header

Branded iPad and iPhone App for Agents

If you have a Team or Office account, now you can give each Agent in your roster a branded iPhone/iPad search app of their own, in addition to the unique code we provide for your office account!

Agents can display their mobile app widget in the subheader of their bio page, on their own website, or on any of your IDX search pages.

Give Agents something unique, and attract more Agents in the process!

  • Branded iPhone MLS search tool for Agents.
  • Give each Agent their own iPhone/iPad App!
  • Agents have a way to login and manage their listings and leads

Give Your Agents a Login

Give your Agents an easy way to login to manage their own leads and listings by setting up a user account for them.

IDX Broker provides them with a login so that they can review and manage their lead information, listings, and more.

  • Give Agents a way to login and view listing info.
  • Promote your agents with each MLS listing

Add Agent Information to Featured Listing Details

Ensure that your Agents’ contact information shows up with each of their own active listings!

IDX Broker automatically displays the Agent’s contact information on the property listing details page, ensuring that your Agent’s name is front and center!

  • Promote agents near their listings
  • Promote your Agents