Meet Our Smart Action Marketing System

Take the tour of our 5 Step Smart Action Marketing system to see how the solutions and tools we can provide to you will help you design, build and execute a Marketing map to guide you to where you want to be.

It Starts With Your Strategy

What is the right Strategy to solve your business puzzle?  In today’s competitive, fast-paced online marketplace, you need to have an efficient website strategy in order to maximize your results and attract the right customers to your website.  We help you to build that road map.

Your Hub (The Right Website)

Let Your Brand SHINE with a Beautiful, Mobile Responsive WordPress Website as your marketing Hub!

Your website is always on…it never calls in sick and never takes a day off. It is the center piece of your digital identity and is often the first engagement that your leads will have with you and your brand.

An Intuitive Content Management Solution

We know you’re not a web developer or even want to be. However, with a simple drag-and-drop interface, see you can add, edit and upload your content at a moment’s notice to give you total control of your message.

First Impressions Matter

You only have seven seconds to capture the attention of a first time website visitor, and so you need to make sure that you look the part!  Your customers, clients and website visitors will make a snap judgment about who you are and how you’re able to help them, based upon the design of your website.

  • 37% of all website visits come from mobile devices

  • 48% of users start any research they make on a mobile device by using a search engine.

     - Smart Insights

Look Awesome on All Devices

With everybody carrying around a phone or tablet is much more important nowadays in order to make sure your website looks proper on all devices, not just on your desktop computer. Every website we launch is fully mobile responsive.

Be Found Where Your Customers Are

Once you have an awesome looking website, now comes an essential part for being successful online- generating traffic to your website. This seems to be the most difficult part of Internet marketing, however, it doesn’t have to be. There is no traffic problem, once you know how to generate traffic you can generate it at will.

Facebook Marketing…More Than Just Pictures of Cute Kittens

Most businesses don’t realize the value behind marketing on Facebook…or how simple it can be.  Facebook offers a number of different ways to send your message directly to your preferred customer, and offer them a discount, something free, or to engage with your social community.  We’ll show you how to harness this incredible power within social media.

Content is Key in Successful Marketing

The main ingredient in attracting visitors to your site is providing them with fresh, relevant content that they are interested in. Understanding what your target market wants to know about, and then serving it to them through your properly built website will engage, and eventually convert, more customers.

Search Engine Optimization


The number one thing we hear is "how do I get found on Google?"  Our search tools put you in control of optimizing your website so you know how to get the most bang for your buck from your content. These tools give you great insight on what Google is needing to rank your site higher.

Lead Generation Web Technology

You may be driving your targeted traffic to your Hub, but if you don’t have the proper lead generation tools set up to capture a lead, then you are losing out on perhaps hundreds of potential customers.  Our websites provide the right tools, with the right message to make your visitors take action and convert to a qualified lead.

Build Landing Pages Easily

We live in an instant society, and your visitors don’t want to have to hunt around your website for the information they seek.  A landing page will guide your visitors to the exact information they want, while allowing you to ask for a name and email in exchange for that information.  Build a list to market to with an effective landing page.

Powerful Call to Actions

A website with good call-to-actions will tell your visitors what path to travel through your website, what actions to take, and how to accomplish their goal.  This in turn helps you to increase conversion rates and maximize your lead generation.

Lead Dashboard

With a completely integrated CRM solution, you are able to see what leads have come in through your website, what behaviors they performed, and create personalized and target follow up.  It will also allow you to automate your sales processes and keep track of communications.

Automated Follow Through

Be More Productive.  Automate Your Entire Marketing System.

Let’s face it-this is where most all companies fall short.  You have enough to do in your daily business schedule without having to think about following up with every new lead, and making sure you keep in touch with your past and present clients.  You want to automate everything you do more than once.

Email Sequencing

When a new lead has come through your website, our system will automatically send them a sequence of customized welcome emails, telling them more about your business and how you can help them, and allow you to keep “top-of-mind” with all your leads and potentials.

Best Funnels

With the ability to capture leads, track their preferences and behaviors on your website, and craft the right call to action, you can send that potential lead down the right “funnel” to optimize conversion.  A funnel will help you to focus on the connection you have with your list of leads, customers and contacts to increase purchases, referrals and profits!

Evolve Your Business with Reporting Tools

They say that the secret is in knowing your numbers.  From seeing your website visitors and page views, to knowing how many contacts opened your email vs. who clicked a link for further engagement, these reporting tools let you see how well your marketing is working.

Expert On-Demand Training

We don't want to leave you out in the cold.  Too many website providers build you a nice website, and you never hear from them again. Here you will have access to over 100 easy to follow video tutorials, helping you to customize your site, blog, add video, and capture lead information, and then how to follow up.

Monthly Webinars With Us

 Have a question?  Want to hear what others are doing, LIVE?  Join us for frequent webinars and conference calls.

Get Started

Are you ready to have a complete road map of how to get where you want your business to go?  If this speaks to you, contact us today.