How to use video to attract customers and educate to build your business

Equipment to use

  • Shop on Amazon, prices and items change.


  • Basic

o   Your phone

o   Action Cameras

o   Webcams

o   Lapel mic

o   Shotgun mic

o   Lights (chicken lights)


  • Advanced

o   Canon T5i (or the like)

o   Screen Capture Software (Zoom, Pinnacle,

o   Green screen

o   Microphone (Azden wireless mic)

o   Blue Yeti

o   Teleprompter Software

o   LED Lighting

Types of Video

  • Talking Head
  • Screen Capture
  • Webinar

How to shoot

  • Lighting

o   Face lit, backdrop lit, no shadows, don’t be washed out

  • Sound

o   Minimal background noise, use mics if possible,

  • Distancing
  • Don’t have phone pointed to look up your nose, straight shot, be loose and natural, not too far from camera.

How to edit

  • Shoot short videos that you don’t need to edit
  • Editing software if needed: Pinnacle, Movie Maker, iMovie
  • Crop beginning and end if needed
  • Green screen editing- need pinnacle or higher end to edit

o   Can use Zoom for green screen backgrounds while filming

How to Upload

  • Video on how to upload
  • YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • From phone - app
  • From desktop

Editorial Calendar

  • Create an editorial calendar so you can easily shoot videos and know the direction you are going in

o   3 mo- 6 mo out

o   Select a main topic for the week/month, then mini-topics to discuss

120 Days of Content- rotate through social media

  • Shoot 120 videos in a few days, short, informational videos
  • Rotate posting these on your social media accounts
  • Curate your content
  • Take shorter versions of the videos to do mini posts
  • Pull out key phrases that you say in the video to make a Quote card post

Tip: everyone hates themselves on video.  Just do it!  Don’t be perfect.