Nikki Christiansen

Chief Operations Officer

The high school sweetheart of her husband Jason, Nikki Christiansen came into the Internet Marketing and Web Design industry in 2002 after pursuing a cornucopia of business initiatives. Like many entrepreneurs, it was only after she and her husband had experienced the trials and challenges of numerous start-ups that she found her true calling and success as the Chief Operations Officer for their co-founded vision, Internet Media Consultants.

Her background in business began in 1998 when she graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Psychology. Her first professional leap was becoming a counselor for teen girls in a group home operated by the Boulder County Mental Health Department. In this capacity, she flourished in her ability to cater to the needs of her clients and help them through their own hurdles and frustrations.

Following her career as a counselor, Nikki was pulled into the exciting world of MLM business ownership where she gained the skills, confidence and mindset to control her own destiny. After several years in the business, Nikki and Jason launched their own business endeavor in the cellular sales industry that they eventually admitted they had no connection to and withdrew.

It wasn’t until their first child was born that they settled down and stumbled upon the rewarding world of Internet Web Design and their niche market as recognized Real Estate Website Experts. Since then, it has been ‘full steam ahead’ and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Throughout the rise and fall of the Real Estate industry, Nikki has been pivotal in moving their business forward and creating flexibility within the firm as the economy shifted and changed. With the motivation and guidance of several motivational speakers including Michael Gerber and Anthony Robbins, this husband/wife team is unstoppable.

They have finally found the lucrative business venture every entrepreneur dreams of during the sometimes-complicated path that leads the discovery of one’s passion. She now enjoys a successful and satisfying career in their family-owned business and spends her leisurely time enjoying the outdoors of Colorado hiking with Jason and their 2 girls, snowboarding, or lake-boating near their  Littleton home.

Today at IMC, Nikki helps keep the company stay on track and makes sure all project operations are running smoothly. The office is now helping some of the industry’s top Realtors, engineers, sales professionals, marketing specialists and customer service representatives, and various small to medium businesses. The company aims to reform the standards of today and challenge the innovations of tomorrow by making the Internet a better place to thrive and do business.


    • Business Development and Operations
    • Customer Relations and Service
    • Google Master! “Let me Google that for you!”
    • Website Layout and Functionality Design
    • WordPress Plug-in Selection

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