Marketing Questionnaire

Thank you for taking your time to fill out this questionnaire. You are on your way to having a Strategy, System and Plan put together for you with our help.

Please pay careful attention to each section, and consider the questions before you answer.  Each answer can have great importance to how we put together a marketing plan for you.

This questionnaire should take approximately 19 minutes to complete.

  • Contact information

  • Your Business

  • What does your company do? Keep it short.
    i.e. Real Estate or Home Improvement or Payroll Services
  • List cities served or indicate a mile radius around your business, or indicate entire regions like the San Francisco Bay Area. If a location‐based business, how far would someone be willing to drive to do business with you? Note: You may have customers that are local and some that are national/international. Please note these accordingly.
  • Who are your top 3 competitors?

  • Who is your Customer?

  • Keep it brief. If you could only do business with one type of customer, who would it be?
  • Customer Problems and Goals

  • Please List 3 Separate Motivators and their Connected Objectives

    Tips for completing the following questions
    *"Motivators" are problems. What problems do your potential customers encounter?
    *"Objectives" are solutions to the corresponding problems that your customers face.
    *These must be motivators and objectives that your company can address or accomplish.
    *They should NOT be specific to your brand. Do not specific reference to your brand or product.
    *If you can't think of a motivator or objective, just simply walk it backwards.
  • Your Website Ability

  • Your Marketing

  • Please select all that apply:
  • Your Database

  • Your Goals

  • Your Schedule

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