Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the phenomenon occurring currently on the web. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Plaxo are growing more and more every day. People of all generations are now flocking to these sites. They come to:

        • Find Old Friends and Make New FriendsSocial Media - Social Media Marketing
        • Join Specific Groups, Share Opinions, Learn from Others
        • Find Like-Minded and Like-Thinking Networks
        • Connect with Distant Family Members
        • Form Work-Related or Common Interest-Based Communities
        • Share stories, pictures and videos, and status updates.


If you were going to hire a dancing robot to promote your business with a big sign that tells people where you are located, you wouldn’t tell him to hang out on a deserted street corner? No, you would tell him to “go where all the people are”. That, in a simplistic explanation, is why social media marketing is so important. It strategically allows you to increase your brand awareness by ‘soft-promoting’. Using social media inbound marketing concepts in an environment where people go to get their information.

Having a Facebook Fan page or a Twitter profile can greatly increase traffic to your site. With these tools you can advertise specials or give discounts to those who are keeping up with your feed. Also, this encourages more people to follow your stream by giving them incentives and bringing you more overall website traffic and generating increased/additional revenue streams.

With Facebook and Twitter, almost every cell phone is capable of sending at least a text update, if not a photo or HD video capture. You don’t have to worry about putting time aside to post updates, news, or happenings to either network from a computer. It can all be done whenever and wherever with the power of mobile device integration.

Social Networks is new Television Networks, and advertising on them is free and convenient.

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