(PPC) Pay Per Click

Pay per click marketing can place you on the first page of search engine results almost immediately. It isn’t the only way, and we are happy to tell you of some alternative and more affordable options – but it does work if you want results, now.

Pay Per Click marketing ads are the sponsored links on the top and the right side of most search engine result pages.  Reports state that over 50% of the time people click on the sponsored links first. It has also been said that the conversion rates for paid searches is double of that which it is  for organic search results.  But the best thing about pay per click marketing is that you only pay for results, meaning you only pay for the traffic that actually hits your website.

So when a visitor clicks on a sponsored link,  they are directed to a destination page where you, the website owner, want that visitor to go. Some call this a landing or a gateway page.  When this happens, you, as the advertiser, pay a ‘bid’ amount. Each individual term or keyword phrase has a different bid amount associated with that term, an amount that the advertiser is willing to pay for that click. That is why it is called PPC, or pay per click marketing.

Generally, an advertiser can determine a daily budget for their PPC account.  For instance, if your budget is $300 per month, the daily spending limit would be $10 per day.  The click on the keyword phrase can cost from $.10 to $50 depending on the keyword phrase and the demand for that term.  Once your spending limit has been reached for the day, your ad will stop showing until the next day.

Pay per click marketing is an incredibly effective way to be found in the search engines within days and not months.  It works very well when a proper Internet strategy is deployed. It is a smarter, more cost-effective approach to search engine marketing that helps companies maintain their competitive edge.

Our PPC Management solution will quickly get a marketing campaign up and running, providing such services as keyword research and selection, creative development, landing page identification or creation, account set up and bid management.

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