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Everything You Need to Take Control of Your Business Online

Your Website Matters!

Go Beyond Web Design and Create a User Experience

In today’s competitive real estate market, your leads ARE going online first.  It is a necessity to have a solid online presence.  Your website is the first engagement that your leads will have with you and your brand.  Your website should help get you hired by sellers, not just be another place for buyers to search for homes.  With Internet Media you get a site designed to attract, built to engage, and increases conversions.


Let Your Brand SHINE with a Beautiful, Mobile Responsive WordPress Website as your marketing Hub!

Our mobile responsive websites allow you to connect with website visitors on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Marketing Automation

Be More Productive.  Automate Your Entire Marketing System.

You have enough to do in your daily business schedule without having to think about following up with every new lead, and making sure you keep in touch with your past and present clients.  Internet Media Consultants has come up with a system that will simplify your business, make your website management easy, and allow you to keep “top-of-mind” with all your leads and potentials.

Success = Automate Everything You Do More Than Once

We provide automated marketing tools that make building relationships simple, so you can stay productive and on top of your to-dos.

Customer Engagement

Become a Trusted Expert, Increase Conversions!

Imagine converting strangers to raving fans and having them contact YOU for your product or services?  What if you had a marketing system that helped you do more sales?

A Shocking Truth: You will lose 10% of your contacts for every 30 days that you don’t communicate with them!!!

In this fast-paced marketplace today, if you don’t make a connection with people and show them that you are truly an expert in your field (and not just by saying “I am the best!”), you are losing out on business.

With our Stay in Touch Video Blog Referral Marketing Package we will do all the heavy lifting, all you have to do is shoot your video. Our program for Video marketing will skyrocket your exposure online, increase your “touches” to your contact list, and give you more repeats and referrals than ever before.

And with the right marketing and reporting tools, you can proactively ask for referrals from those who already know your expertise and endorse you to their sphere of influence.


FACT: All businesses need a Strategy to build, nurture and monetize a growing database of people whom you have a relationship with.

Learn how this System you will know how to use Video, Email, and Social Media
to dramatically increase your referrals and repeat customers.

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